Guitar & Amp Repairs, setups, wiring,pickups, etc ...

Oops ! Broke you guitar then......

Next time put it in it's case... Gibson Nighthawk after being dropped.

OK No problem - free quotes, no fix-no paypolicy. All work guaranteed.

Setups to suit your playing style - truss rodadjustment etc
Shielding - suitable for Strats and Teles
Re-wiring and replacement pickups
Nuts, saddles etc replaced (bone, brass, graphite)
Body and Neck repairs (see photos)
Noisy pots and switches replaced
Repairs to all makes and types of amplifiers

Headstock Repair Jig

Gibson Nighthawk after repair. The same one from the top image.

Pleas note I no longer live in Dubai - I will try to find contact details of someone else who you can call. My email is :