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The Sonic Avengers (and DJ Ollie)

Sonic Avengers after a particularly heavy night out

In particular ...R.I.P. Stuart - a professional to the bitter end - who, while collapsed in a golden sambuca haze managed to keep it mostly together.

Fuckin' ell you guys rock!!  See you in Muscat if we possibly can, and to the delightful young Miss T - let's hear you sing some Skunk Anansie OK!  (And sign the fucking guestbook you lot!)

Jeremy, after seeing Tanya...

Stu and Tim

Stuart - dead for 7 years...

Hey Stu - hope you enjoyed your cuppacino - enjoy the pics and have a good flight!

Gallery of pics with thanks to Cris! Click for bigger image, use 'back' to return.

Stu and Tim jam Stu on stage Cowboy and Gal Peace Cowboy Tim's Left Tit
Doin the CanCan Lara Croft at the keys Stu on his way out - last blast at Rock Bottom! Jeremy and Stuart Doin the CanCan

Sonics Poster